Mini Issue Tracker


This issue tracker is a very very very small (albeit very efficient) issue tracker build on top of the automatic Django admin.


Please note that I (Bruno Bord) am not the original author of this piece of software. I first saw this on Django Snippets: It’s the work of Paul Bissex - Many thanks to him.

This snippet was designed for older versions of Django, and I just thought it deserved a fresh new start, using the latest Django features.


Not ready yet. At the moment,

  • Copy this source code and make it available through your PYTHONPATH.
  • Add the issuetracker application in your INSTALLED_APPS
  • use syncdb to create the issue table in your database

If you’re already using the automagic Django admin, there you are. You can start adding your issues, sort them, filter them by priority, etc.


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